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 Crow Westward

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Crow Westward

Crow Westward

Number of posts : 78
Age : 30
Location : On the outskirts of Sithenian.
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PostSubject: Crow Westward   Crow Westward Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 9:39 pm

Name: Crow Westward
Age:152 (physical age 32)
Class: Were-Kodiak (Were-bear)
Blood: Half blood

Mother (step): Barbra Westward (deceased from old age)
Father (step): Thomas Westward (deceased from stroke at the age of 83)
Sister(s):Sherry Westward ( deceased murdered by Crow on his first transformation)

Work:Private Investigator.

Hair:Dark brown wavy-curly hair.
Build:Muscaline/ Athletic
Cloths: Navy blue,pin strip, vested three piece suit. With black dress shoes to match his tie.
Skin:White /slighty tanned.
Personality: Intellectual and outgoing character, he can get a bit of temper when it comes down to the safety of his ken.

Your good points:Observant and good at putting the pieces togather.
Your bad Points:Grows attach to people quickly and quickly grows a temper when it comes to that matter.
Likes:Fish Food and smexy people

Where do you call Home:Sithenian

Character History: In the mid 50's Wichita Falls was drowned in distributed bootlegged booze and liqour. Brought in from the Coast of Alaska by a Haida house hold. Crow : a rookie Detective was one of five brought in to investigate the source of the bootlegging, when his homicide case was found to be linked to the shipments. A Few months passed and Crow had dug up to his neck into the investigation. One night he went to look over a warehouse supposedly being a storage unit for the illegals. Only to get attacked from behind while writting his notes of his finding. Unfortunately he did not know what changes where in store for him when he awoke.

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Christabelle Whittle
Christabelle Whittle

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PostSubject: Re: Crow Westward   Crow Westward Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 9:43 pm


Crow Westward JosephssiggyCrow Westward Fairies-3-1
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Crow Westward
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