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PostSubject: Osytia Shyfallen   Osytia Shyfallen Icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2008 5:21 pm

Name: Osytia Shyfallen
Age: 18
Class: werebat
Blood: full blood

Mother: Lily Shyfallen
Father: not part of the picture
Brother: Nyril Shyfallen

Single: X
Work: Doesn't need to

Hair: Light beige with black highlights
Eyes: Almond color
Height: 5'3"
Build: slight with just a hint of muscle
Clothes: stopped wearing them when she decided to never turn human again
Skin: an even lighter beige than her fur
Nationality: born half werebat and half human then made full blood by the attack
Personality: very meek, but will stand up for what's right

Good points: She respects and loves all forms of life and abhors violence
Bad points: Tends to hate herself for her past and often lets her beast completely take her mind to escape the pain
Likes: Fruits, flowers, and flying.
Fears: losing control

Home: A cave deep in the woods away from all civilization.

Character history: The small, soft baby cooed in her arms as she nuzzled her face in his warm belly. He pulled and stroked the soft fur on her body, giggling at the new downy texture around him. She lifted her almond eyes to peer into his fact while slowly stroking her tongue over the pulse in his stomach. Her sensitive bat ears cocked forward and trembled at the sound of the child's small, pattering heart. It was only eight months after Archer had attacked Osytia and ignited the hidden genes deep within her blood. Now every full moon she was forced to change into something, a creature that could terrorize the night sky with its screech, a true-blooded werebat. Archer had helped her fight the ferocity of her beast since the change, taking her deep into the woods where she could eat fruits and animals, but still her body craved for those rarest of treats, human meat. This full moon however she was stuck, alone, forced to babysit her little brother while her mom went on her first date in 15 years, and she knew she could not last much longer, especially when her beast forced her to change in the middle of the living room. Osytia found herself grazing her dainty fangs over her brother's soft flesh, enjoying the spike of fear it ignited in his system. Her beast had finally had enough and it rolled what was left of her rational human mind, the last thing she remembers clearly was the shriek her loving infant brother let out just before blood exploded into her mouth, tears streaming down her face, mingling with the fresh red of the innocence spilt.
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PostSubject: Re: Osytia Shyfallen   Osytia Shyfallen Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 3:24 pm


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