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 Azrael Inger

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Azrael Īnger

Azrael Īnger

Number of posts : 677
Location : Anywhere with blood and werewolves
Job/hobbies : Hunting werewolves
Humor : Killing just gives a purpose to life
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Registration date : 2008-07-10

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PostSubject: Azrael Inger   Azrael Inger Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 12:41 pm

Name: Azrael Inger
Age: Looks 17 but is much older
Class: Vampire
Blood: Full blood

Mother (step): Sarah Erial [deceased]
Father (step): Sammael Inger [deceased]
Brother(s): Edward Inger [missing]

Married: No
Divorced: No
Dating: No
Single: Yes
Crush: Not yet
Work: Assasin

Hair: Dark red
Eyes: Bright, clear blue, which turn black/red when hungry
Height: 6 ft 2
Build: Muscular, but slim
Cloths: Long black leather cloak and black hat when travelling, smart/casual clothes when not
Skin: Pale, almost white
Nationality: Romanian
Personality: Finds it hard to trust people, but is mostly civilised around people.
Other: Hates werewolves with a passion

Your good points: Kind, good fighter, cunning and sly
Your bad Points: Short tempered, stubborn
Likes: Blood, hunting, fighting
Fears: The sun, small enclosed spaces

Where do you call Home: No where, moves from place to place, and doesn't normally settle

Character History: His parents were murdered by a pack of werewolves when he had just been turned. He has devoted his life to hunting werewolves, and finding his lost brother. He was turned when he was 17, and so he looks that age, although he is nearly 100 years old. He is a skilled fighter with a sword, or hand-to-hand combat, preferring the latter. He was born in Romania, but travels about the world, hunting, fighting, killing and searching.
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Demon King Inuyasha
Demon King Inuyasha

Number of posts : 592
Age : 28
Location : In hell entertaing the devil
Job/hobbies : Demon Prince
Humor : Heaven doesn't want me and hell is afraid i\'ll take over
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Registration date : 2008-03-14

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PostSubject: Re: Azrael Inger   Azrael Inger Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 5:58 pm


I've like so many but i've only ever loved one.
Azrael Inger Logan-1
Azrael Inger Inuyasha-1-1
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Azrael Inger
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